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Activities In Europe

Europe is a very diverse continent. Nowhere else in the world so many different peoples and nations share so little surface. In no other region of the world you will face so significant cultural and linguistic differences by only driving one hour in your car into either direction.

What a great opportunity is this???

Take Brussels as example, one hour north people speak Dutch, one hour east people speak German, one hour west people speak French and one our south people speak Luxemburgish…
Given this diversity, languages are with no doubt the entry ticket to an international career. We will make sure that you’ll enjoy your stay in Europe at a max!

In addition to our language classes our school will also offer you a wide range of free time activities where you will have the possibility to practice your language while spending time with your friends and making your stay with us an unforgettable experience. To mention only some examples, we will organize movie nights, sightseeing in Brussels and weekend trips to other places in Belgium and Europe.

Did you know that Paris, London, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Luxembourg and Bruges are less than two hours driving away from Brussels?

If you decide for one of our language courses in Brussels, you will at least spend one weekend in this beautiful city. However, should you decide that you want to see more than only the European capital, your possibilities are almost unlimited.


The city of love and the French capital Paris is definitely a must do for every tourist coming to Europe. Discover the Eiffel tower, Moulin Rouge the artists’ district of montmartre or one of the hundreds other highlights Paris has to offer. From Brussels Paris is about a 2,5 hours drive by car and less than 2 hours drive by train. Depending on the number of students interested in this trip EULC will organize a customized trip that suits your wishes and needs. One nights, two or three? Five star hotel on the Champs Elysées of youth hostel? You decide!


Amsterdam is by far the most liberal city in Europe. Situated only 20km away from the Dutch coastline it is the perfect place to combine a citytrip with a visit to the north see. Soon you will see why Amsterdam is so famous… Take a boat trip through its romantic channels or enjoy its fabulous nightlife!


Discover the city that is world famous for its diamonds. Antwerpen is after Amsterdam the second largest Dutch speaking city and with its many students certainly one of the cosiest in the whole of Belgium. Besides the diamond museum, Antwerpen is also famous for its splendit grote markt as well as for its port, which is by the way one of the biggest in Europe.